Friday, October 31, 2008


eg. “这个便宜,20元1kg罢了。”
为什么不是 “这个便宜,1kg20元罢了。”

一天,我的'算是表妹瓜'在顾我的孩子。她抱老二坐在电单车上。我听到一句:“不要乱动HA,等下你‘掉’下来 ....”

为什么会是掉?难道我的孩子不会诊扎,不会求救;只会不动声色,不 动于中的给他自己“掉”下来。



Friday, October 17, 2008

Becasue racist

Some pp talk racist, then kena ISA.
some pp talk racist, and just pending thier post.... few year only.
this is becuase racist.

Sunday, October 12, 2008



Ans: 我自己拍



Here have a example:

In 2004 Badawi scored the highest mandate in the history of Malaysian politics, BUT March 2008, he has earned himself yet another honour, this time being the leader who lost the most votes, seats and state assemblies in the history of Malaysia.


Ebell confinement center

Dec 2006, my wife go and stay E-bell confinement center. have a good/ Q good service. but a bit expensive la. (at least have a good service , so we feel worth.)

Oct of 2008. My wife go and stay there. but the service getting bad, and the price is more expensive (increase)

not worth.

u see, the milo they give.

abt 3mm * 55mm * 42mm a pack. not enough 20g (i think)

and the TV is short short.
* no update from me after 2008 oct.




LK Tan & I


or popeye's son.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Y can this happen

Ring ! Ring ! Ring !
I pick up the phone ...
and the chat history is abt this:
He: Kumar pls.
Me: Kumar is not available now,can u leave ur msg?
He: Kumar not available ah ...
Me: Ya, Can u leave ur ..ah msg, Or can u call back later af...
He: Can u call him to call me back?
Me: OK
He: Tan, from CTS .
Me: CTS? Tan? (then i write down)
He: CTS!.

"Close" the phone and Kumar is come.
Me: Ya, Kumar. Tan from CTS call u.
kumar: CTS?
Me: Ya. he say is Tan from CTS.
kumar: CTS? Tan? I dont know ow.
Me read and read the note i write just now: Yala, CTS tan.
Me: I dont know ow, he say Tan from CTS. his sound very soft 1.
kumar look at me : mmh ....
Me: ah ....
finally find out.
Kumar show me a name card: is FPS it's?
then call to FPS.
is GOON from FPS. Not TAN from CTS.

the conclusion is. the phone is damage.

Sunday, October 05, 2008


有很多年轻人很讲究进来,出去。 为什么? 是这样的....




A news from sinchew

from this link:

2 people get hurd, but Y 8+4 people stay hospital?

Friday, October 03, 2008

can and can not

Remember, we cant turn the flag upside down. but we can seperate it...

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Time to forgive

Time to forgive, says Pak Lah (

OK, We was make ourself available FOR U, then what u GIVE us?
I dont know loh ...

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


After the china Milk problem, most of the milk company or related company come out and say thier milk is safe, or not make in china.

And here i also want to tell people, especially to my 3rd baby (coming soon).
The product brand: My Wife
Made in: not make in china
is fully natural breast made.
no artificial.
no peservative.
no add on colour.