Saturday, March 19, 2011

Time Square Soju

last time go to penang time square soju.
once my son sit down and tell the waiter that give on the menu: I WANT 面.
then the waiter showed dont know.
and we all laugh.
but the service they very disappointed me (and family). they hire many foreigner but can not take order.
only a fat guy (that can take order) is very very very busy and no time to service us.
but those waiter (foreginer that can not take order) they are very free after pass us the menu.

managment not good.

Latitude c840

Help people to format Dell latitude c840 laptop.
his screen is flip and flick. maybe is hardware is "old".
after setup of winXP. just install the DELL driver he have in drive D.
found that sound driver not work properly. (code:10)
it seem not compatible with BIOS. so i downgrade the BIOS from A13 to A12. but is same.
try use other version of driver and setup to Win7. but same.
check out and try on ubuntu. it work.
so the sound driver(crystal WDM) fuck the microsoft(windows) and Dell(laptop).
Driver may FUCK dell laptop and cause this problem once awhile. but no statistic on it.
setup to winXP.
try to uninstall and reinstall back the sound driver EVERY TIME after boot. it may worked.

Monday, March 07, 2011


is any professional study about the way for body to dilute the SUGAR without use any insulin from our body? and there is no influenced (harm) our body.