Saturday, December 06, 2008

Can ah

Cause of english poor. just wonmdering it's this is correct? or allow for TALKING.
I hear someone say something like that

U can do this at 1st January, But not here.

at 1st January means time, but not here is means not now?
or it is allow this. like
I no have key now, but i can eat spicy.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday, November 07, 2008

KFC Coupon

I go and order KFC coupon, but the service not as good as i think.
Start i go the KFC outlet and ask. they say dont have, only the bayan baru there have, then i go there. they say the only office have (just road). then they say ... offcie only open at office hour.
then ... Y early outlet call me to come neh... hai~~
nvm lo.

I go the office at office hour lo. then ask them the package lo. but they just show me a few package, abt 10 option.

then i ask for KFC with pizza 1, the guard say only this (cash 10) have with pizza. then i surprise that Y my manager and fre can just give me the KFC with pizza 1.
then i ask for pizza that with KFC lo. then he say only this (cash 10) have.

then i really want to know more abt KFC pizza package. so I ask " have any other package", he say only here sir.
...cincai take 1 lo.(cincai means after filter by my mother in law, and i agreed)

but i ask my manager, he say when he go, the services start was serve him with the KFC and pizza package liao.
* maybe i take thier milo and kopi, so i dont have this package. hehehe

anyone know more abt the KFC coupon ah?

Monday, November 03, 2008

Fcking education line

this is the malaysia way.
I m very very very veyr disappointed of tis thing happen.
b4I start study is like that?
then i study it this way...
now, after my stady ... still like that.

Ebell update

This is the ebll update from 21 oct 08.
As u can see previously i say the TV short short. watch half way will become black screen. And we have to change channel ... and come back baru can continue watch.

Here is the photo of seat.

This still OK. but now i no shiok liao ma. Since they not take a good care of my baby.
wait until my wife See my baby feel difficulty of breath. Then they baru tell: " ur baby SEEMS LIKE ....."

My wife say First I see i was know she feel not well. but U(ebell) are PRO only "SEEMS LIKE".
My wife ask them Y, they ALL dont know Y.

so waste another 2k to stay hospital lo.

There are something have to take care also. Like the wire.

Just hanging like this.

then continue on the floor.

This very danger when there have kids to visit thier mum.

even is danger to the mum(adult) also.

and the staircase have this big hole. what hole i means. is this:

I not really know how big is, but is big enough for a child to fall down.


Chooce name very important.
got people name "Shao Ran" and the family name somemore is "POO"
This family name is Chua. and name 'Lee-ann chua"
- bo ann chua ah.
* Joking nia. OK?

Baptist school

Nowadays they teach the sex so early (in un-conscious). Just like my daughter school. Her Book have this:

A female name's 白白(Bai) and the male name's 蓝蓝(Lan).

Wireless Mouse.

One day, My manager say can not tahan.... and buy the wireless mouse.
Shiok lo. And I found out I m using the wireless mouse all the way ma.

This is my wireless mouse.

Did U see any wire there? No, right.

Friday, October 31, 2008


eg. “这个便宜,20元1kg罢了。”
为什么不是 “这个便宜,1kg20元罢了。”

一天,我的'算是表妹瓜'在顾我的孩子。她抱老二坐在电单车上。我听到一句:“不要乱动HA,等下你‘掉’下来 ....”

为什么会是掉?难道我的孩子不会诊扎,不会求救;只会不动声色,不 动于中的给他自己“掉”下来。



Friday, October 17, 2008

Becasue racist

Some pp talk racist, then kena ISA.
some pp talk racist, and just pending thier post.... few year only.
this is becuase racist.

Sunday, October 12, 2008



Ans: 我自己拍



Here have a example:

In 2004 Badawi scored the highest mandate in the history of Malaysian politics, BUT March 2008, he has earned himself yet another honour, this time being the leader who lost the most votes, seats and state assemblies in the history of Malaysia.


Ebell confinement center

Dec 2006, my wife go and stay E-bell confinement center. have a good/ Q good service. but a bit expensive la. (at least have a good service , so we feel worth.)

Oct of 2008. My wife go and stay there. but the service getting bad, and the price is more expensive (increase)

not worth.

u see, the milo they give.

abt 3mm * 55mm * 42mm a pack. not enough 20g (i think)

and the TV is short short.
* no update from me after 2008 oct.




LK Tan & I


or popeye's son.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Y can this happen

Ring ! Ring ! Ring !
I pick up the phone ...
and the chat history is abt this:
He: Kumar pls.
Me: Kumar is not available now,can u leave ur msg?
He: Kumar not available ah ...
Me: Ya, Can u leave ur ..ah msg, Or can u call back later af...
He: Can u call him to call me back?
Me: OK
He: Tan, from CTS .
Me: CTS? Tan? (then i write down)
He: CTS!.

"Close" the phone and Kumar is come.
Me: Ya, Kumar. Tan from CTS call u.
kumar: CTS?
Me: Ya. he say is Tan from CTS.
kumar: CTS? Tan? I dont know ow.
Me read and read the note i write just now: Yala, CTS tan.
Me: I dont know ow, he say Tan from CTS. his sound very soft 1.
kumar look at me : mmh ....
Me: ah ....
finally find out.
Kumar show me a name card: is FPS it's?
then call to FPS.
is GOON from FPS. Not TAN from CTS.

the conclusion is. the phone is damage.

Sunday, October 05, 2008


有很多年轻人很讲究进来,出去。 为什么? 是这样的....




A news from sinchew

from this link:

2 people get hurd, but Y 8+4 people stay hospital?

Friday, October 03, 2008

can and can not

Remember, we cant turn the flag upside down. but we can seperate it...

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Time to forgive

Time to forgive, says Pak Lah (

OK, We was make ourself available FOR U, then what u GIVE us?
I dont know loh ...

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


After the china Milk problem, most of the milk company or related company come out and say thier milk is safe, or not make in china.

And here i also want to tell people, especially to my 3rd baby (coming soon).
The product brand: My Wife
Made in: not make in china
is fully natural breast made.
no artificial.
no peservative.
no add on colour.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008


輕快鐵碰撞6人傷‧ .... 那6人也蛮强,给輕快鐵撞都只是傷。

Good or no Good


but at the same day

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pak Lah under pressure to exit

Pak Lah under pressure to exit
so he decide no to exit. since exit will cause pressure?


Mat Taib: No pressure on PM

Mat Taib: No pressure on PM
then have pressure on who call him to step down?? it's?


Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Country

A story talk abt law of a country.

lak pah stay at a country call lamaysia. He and his fre Naksai is have a date. Once they meet, lak pah take a knife Poke his fre. His fre ask Y.....?
he say. Cause i knew a murder want to kill u. I dont want u to be kill by him, so have to kill u 1st b4 he come.

拉帕和纳赛住在一个新国家叫做来马下。 一天拉帕拿刀插纳赛, 纳赛就问为何?



Have a Story,
Long time ago. 1 guy say: 我丢炸弹问心无愧。

This story is is say a man is talking to himself.

Fall down

it happen just few days before, but i not really remeber is sunday or saturday.

My son and my daugther is playing. and my son fall down.. (just a very normal "fall down")

But get a very very big "bak chang" at his top right head.

I never see such big hurd. but he just have a few minute cry. and seem like not as pain as what i think. Anyway. parent alwasy worry more... then them.

This is the picture i capture. WOW!! The bak chang look like movie 1....

is getting better now. Thanks for ...Ti Gonmg, tua peh gong, Guan gong, Chng kah pua, .....

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Super Women from Japan

YOU return to your hotel at 10.40pm after a very long and exhausting day. The prospect of making that lap in the hotel pool seems impossible, especially since it closes at 11pm. But Professor Dr Ayako Sato still managed to swim for 20 minutes.


.... Action control the emotion....or Emotion control the action.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008


My sister tell me to do some part time abt video, graphic. since i like to do this type of thing. Who can teach me.

her fre "gam gam" want to find pp to edit.


I listen pp say isa ISA. what is ISA

yesterday I listen
Lim Guan Eng : ....isa ... ikut suka aku.

Then i know what is ISA now.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Anti trust

Last few day, i learn anti trust from someone whoare fat, but handsome. (hahahahaha)

anti trust which means (as i know) is some moral that have to huge company.
eg. micronsoft .. hehehe. OK dont use real company

another example:
Company ABC is a huge huge company (or monopoly) ,that can easyly influce the market or society.
So this company it may have some free product (Prodcut1) let say. but with condition, u must use product (prdocut 2).

with this condition. it get more customer  for the prodcut (prodcut2). This make other medium/small that sell same type of prodcut (prodcut 2) loss thier customer. In business way, it make company ABC look success. but not all win situation. 

So, the anti trust idea is come out from here. 

----- Or like that,
Company ABC have prodcut  AA & BB. it sell this 2 product in 1 package.
but if u just need product AA and no want BB  Cause u have same type prodcut as BB from company XYZ. and company ABC will change u due to thier marketing.
So u force to use prodcut AA and BB togather due to save cost. 
From here u can see, Prodcut BB from company XYZ willl loss thier customer also. Cause using company XYZ prodcut will make the cost higher. 

This call anit trust.

here have some news:

Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Movie

The story is like this:
Mr A remain be the hero after DO WRONG, and the leader can be some kind of good leader when give some purnishment to Mr A.

* too light of the purnish, the good leader Plan gone.

Monday, September 08, 2008

dont talk people no good

Ah Dap say Ah No: U no good ah!
Ah Dap' Mum: Dont say people no good.
Ah Dap: Ah No, U... Are Bad.
Mum: .....

Sunday, September 07, 2008

名句 - 教之道

- "打“,有时后真的不是办法; 不过没办法时,也只有打! 

- 海打浮瓶,是海没力还是瓶太强! 

- 大树与小草, 大树被雷打倒,但小草没, 谁比较强!

- 钻石和石头有何分别: 石头能铺路,建屋, 等等的好处。 但钻石却较尊贵。

Our Business

this is a new type business. It work for many country that Citizen not dare or lazy.
eg. I order a kopi, but waiter take me a milo. 
I want to change it, complain or take some feedback to this restoran. will help u in this case.
- complain, where to complain, by email or letter...
- what legal action can we take ....
- feedback on service for some shop, some organization, on some people and so on.
- so on ....

if u just want to change a drink, and the waiter is changed. then the case settle. but How if waiter dont change for u? U want to complain him. Come our site. 

We found that most asia people not like western country. Most of the people know how to do, where to get help, and have know more on their rights?

Masked Rider Black

when A baja hitam (Masked Rider Black) hit the enemy with hand and leg. in chinese we call 超人拳 & 超人踢,but in 25-26 episod. the leg power become 超人脚
So, is a very special episod.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Is like that 1

One day
Mr A talk to Miss C: I want to fuck you, is fuck U.
Miss C: u apologies.
Mr A: Well I do nothing wrong what.

* Talk wrong not mean do wrong OK.

I want to sodomy U.

next day, Miss C: Mr A is Dog.
Mr A: C Bye, What the Hell U talk. If u not &(^&^&, I wil ##@*&#* U.
Miss C: You Anger, Cause I do nothing wrong.

* May be Mr A just do NOT RIGHT, not do wrong.

few year later,
Mr C Sleep with Miss A, And Miss A vomit and big stomach.

* well , I just Do wrong, and not talk wrong ma.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

2 day 2 story

Mr N: I apologise for my fre Mr A. Since he say wrong thing last few day.
Mr R: Y dont u apologise for urself for kill Miss A?
Mr N: That should be my fre's job.

one day, Mr A : Sorry, I apology.
Mr C: I dont forgivee u. unless u pay all Mr C and Miss C 100US.
Mr A: Ow .....

* which law is say we must forgive the pp that apologize.
the moral tell us. Not all people have good good moral.
me only have good moral nia. no Good Good.

Monday, September 01, 2008

new BT western food

last night go BT and have a fish and chip. RM6. price reasonable. but not worth. if u dont believe u can try, May be our taste diferent.

* but my wife not satisfy also.

And there is a anty very funny, we order 1 cup of Horlick. the price is 13.50RM

She say her boss take this amount. then no pay that amount lah (she want to eat my "car" it's)
after she go and talk to her boss. OK. the price is 1.8
that day, we donate RM X.XX amount ( a small amt only la). then the gal walk walk walk and come back ask, Yi ,u people donate liao?

then we answer yes. the gal smile and we smile also.

* she smile because we dont scold her, she say possible some opoeple will scold her if this case happen.
* we smile is because we not going to donate again. hahahaha

Friday, August 29, 2008


A: 你的电话几号?
B: 十号。

*0121234567 = 10 digit ma.

C: What is ur phone number?
D: U call me, then I tell u.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

malaysia newspaper

what is mak pu ki.
see this 1.


2008-08-27 20:03

- 1st 3 character is spell as mak pu ki la.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A short story

A short story (actually not call story also, just a few sentence)

Long time ago, a good country they start with peace, a good recources, a good relationship. The leader (PM) lead the citizen toward to a NEW era. One day, this good leader get old and old, DIE LOH ( sure have to die 1 ma, no wonder how good u are). B4 he die he has pass the "CHOP" to a new leader. This leader just continue to bring the citizen toward a more new era.
OK lah.

After a few change the chop, this time the chop pass to a stupid leader ( stupid means not so clever la). but nvm , cause leader start bring the citizen to a good road. But this leader as I say, stupid la, he bring the citizen to this road but make a big big big big big hole at half of the road there.

Slow and slowly citizen near the hole and this leader have to use another hole to cover this hole lo. and the hole is getting bigger and bigger. Citizen start to notice this leader not bring citizen to good place, cause he always sleep when meeting.

Citizen start to do something lo. and this leader also start to do something with his partner while we call him "part leader" la and they dont want to let the chop. Then this childish country start to getting more and more joke liao, when citizen and leader start to do something.

In that country , U can buy a newspaper with no news, cause full with joke everyday.
until today, one of the citizen still laugh at them.

******* END *******

Sunday, August 24, 2008

new bt new?

today i go new newbt (
one thing very special. that is the number at table alwasy "tu" (hurt) me.

Kopi O


My wife say : I have "Jiu O" (dimple = 酒 窝).
Then I say. I dont have "Jiu O", but i have Kopi O. hhahahaah

Friday, August 22, 2008

My 1 years old son was independence

One day, he (my son) is play with his sister (my daugther la). and My son is sitting at the "Horse". and his sister will push him.
Then suddenly may daugther stop to play. And Ah boy going to push him self from back.

Below have the picture showing what he try to do. I edit.
Normal sit.
Try to independent. PUSH himself from back.

Another idiot

Today i meet the 3rd idiot.
Y 3rd idiot. i m the 1st 1. the second one is the driver that i mention b4. this is the 3rd 1.
(well, i m the smartest 1, and handsome 1)

Y this is idiont. Cause he/she drive a car (PEX 7121) to block the road. This time is when after work. I dont know Y got more parking there but they want to block the road. Y not simply use ass to think think. they should know i want to go back home ye ma. hahahahaha

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I found out 1 thing. I see the business hour that i can go and collect my pos.
here is the time:
Today: 6pm-9pm
Mon-Sat : 8am -9pm

So I decide go tmr at early 8am.
Tomorro liao. ..... Yi, Today is 6-9pm ow. How Ah ?

I have capture the photo of the hour. u see.(not clear)

Here I rewrite:

So, everyday u see it also today. Finally I have to go to collect my pos after work(6pm).

This will only happen at malaysia.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I M Hero

Today, I throw a dead MOUSE.

is under the "washing machine' (click the mouse the see the pic 28SXXS)

Friday, August 15, 2008


Well, I m not very in good chinese also. but I can tell u...

This is wrong.
He want to write 'wo men (们)shi ge da jia ting" i think.

may be he is NOT WRONG, he have his own meaning.

Stick ur ASS

.... government should just officially declare him (Samy) the lifetime president of MIC and eliminate all his worries. (from a blog)

YA, can do that. but MIC got no members 1.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

after read

after read my colleague , she say abt if someone step to be a high post, then someon will get out of the country.

then my statement come liao.

if my manage be manager, then I want increase salary.
if my Boss is CEO, then i want big bonus.

esle, i will stay back as staff....

I edit this

I asked for Strength…
And God gave me Difficulties
I asked for Wisdom…
And God gave me Problems
I asked for Prosperity…
And God gave me Brain and Brawn
I asked for Courage…
And God gave me Danger
I asked for Love…
And God gave me Troubled people
I asked for Favours…
And God gave me Opportunities

God ive me everything.
but I get nothing.

Wat is idiot

Today. abt 9am plus.
I drive to office ......
I meet 1 type of idiot.
I drive thru canteen there. and this idiot driver park his &^%$#$@ car (PGX 8223 ) and block the road.

siao ye.
I hon, no body come. as he not dare to come ma. cuase he know hiself is idiot.
I m blocking there abt 10-15 min.(then he didnt come, i go---backward)

I have to drive backward along the road again. really train out my skill.

No study la.

abt 4pm. when i still work at office time. i go make coffee. and i found that something happen. then i rush to my manager ...

I found that the cream that I eat everyday is "non daily cream" can eat everyday. and there is a chart show out daily MAX consumption.

My manager laugh BIG BIG and tell me. cK ..u ah very funny.
is dairy , no daily.

then i also laugh at myself. cause i dont know how to fight back.

then tell him. Not bad, still can make u laugh.
OK. wat is dairy??
let me check dictionary now...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Good article
here is the link.

a support


a support of G-blobal talk to his customer.
Customer: My site application have Error msg.
Support: Can u go to the msg and click left mouse.
Customer say my mouse is always at right site.left site dont have mouse ....

Customer name : Badamy
suppoert name : nijab

.... name is not real la.

Happy happy

Have freedom?

Yesterday, when reading some online artical, Saw a true and truth thing.
Q special the meaning. that is abt the malaysia freedom.
.... is chinese and india in malaysia have freedom to speak? answer is YES, but dont have freedom AFTER the speak.

so, Do they have freedom to speak?

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Few day before. A friend is fight with a Shadow fox Blog. Cause the Fox talk abt Lan Cao Penang Lang.
Then Ya, May be Penang More Lang Cao Lang, But KL also possible more Cibai Bin ma. So, more malaysian is puki lang it's?
In this world, there is not just have Black and White, in between there is still a colour called gray. And we always try to classify gray in black category or in white category, That Y we are in Hardship la. (cause gray is in politic category ma)

Not Accept the shadowfox or reject, I know that is just the feeling of fox that time. Claim down, just rest ....OK.
but i quite like to see u pp fighting .... especially the AH LIAN story.

Friday, August 08, 2008

My daugther.

Today we wake up early. (early means early then usual, but still late)
And we go take breakfast at PARMA. Then the point is not we eat what.. the point is .. after taking mummum. When my daugther want to drink the "SUAM" water.... she say hot.
Then i was point to a spoon, and take for her. then she take the spoon and use the spoon to drink. Then i said NOT! JUAN (which means rotate, I want her to stir and make the water cool ). Then my duagther just rotate the Spoon.
HA. i feel So Cute. cause she is not stir ..... (to make the drink more cool).

Here is the Rotate instead of STIR. (sample)

it's THIS

Tasty food may not be healthy

... So, that's means we have a good PM (Professional Mentor), so we have this cham situation.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

English class

U know whatis opposite of football??


Good Idea.

From start newspaper.
there have a title call "MPs can turn good ideas into reality".

OK, The good idea is u step down. can be reality?

* U is who?
* step down to where?

Customer parking $1

Today, i go new BT (near the JT) to "tabao". When i reach there i saw "Customer parking $1", Then i was think. I drive there and parking, then go other place to eat.........

Mo no need to pay lo. since i m not customer ma....

* But if they say Non-customer is $3, then i force to buy a HACKS there and pay 1 dollor lo.

MeiXuen 2008 Birthday

at 2008 july . Mei Xuen birthday and invite Big Nose family.

They are.....

This family very special. what is the part they are so special...

not the nose big, not eyes , but is ---  u see?
the nose got no hole.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Blog is very good ,cause it can talk abt bad thing of other people.


Here pain there pain.
That is because I play badminton at 1/Aug/08 saturday. May be long time didnt play.
when back home i feel head pain also.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

testing 3

U see? dont know?

u didnt notice at the right site have many counter service?

i m testing whihc is suit for me.

there can be web counter, hit counter, page counter. and web analytical.
well. the important is .... free.
i dont mind to BILL.... if i m bill gate.

but i m free ck today.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

test 2

华语, Can?
testing is chinese word can show here? may be need to use china page.
so ...
U see the 1st 2 chinese word?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Testing - Y the title is testing.

currenctly there are many thing that relate to testing ... for me.
1) I m testig the my blogger, it's will bore people. if yes. there is bore. Thanks. i m success for my testing. cause thanks for ur visit.

2) i testing abt some free hosting service. after my study of computer until now (5 years). i thought i should very well in some web design or postin. but no. I m new. so, i m testing some web designnow.

3) my currenct job. QA ...which is abt testing for my company application. test and solve the pro0blem. that is my job.

4) i m testing for 3rd baby. hahahaa

YEAH make u laugh .... i fell happy.