Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A short story

A short story (actually not call story also, just a few sentence)

Long time ago, a good country they start with peace, a good recources, a good relationship. The leader (PM) lead the citizen toward to a NEW era. One day, this good leader get old and old, DIE LOH ( sure have to die 1 ma, no wonder how good u are). B4 he die he has pass the "CHOP" to a new leader. This leader just continue to bring the citizen toward a more new era.
OK lah.

After a few change the chop, this time the chop pass to a stupid leader ( stupid means not so clever la). but nvm , cause leader start bring the citizen to a good road. But this leader as I say, stupid la, he bring the citizen to this road but make a big big big big big hole at half of the road there.

Slow and slowly citizen near the hole and this leader have to use another hole to cover this hole lo. and the hole is getting bigger and bigger. Citizen start to notice this leader not bring citizen to good place, cause he always sleep when meeting.

Citizen start to do something lo. and this leader also start to do something with his partner while we call him "part leader" la and they dont want to let the chop. Then this childish country start to getting more and more joke liao, when citizen and leader start to do something.

In that country , U can buy a newspaper with no news, cause full with joke everyday.
until today, one of the citizen still laugh at them.

******* END *******

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