Friday, November 05, 2010


interbankfx (IBFX) is not ECN.
today i live chat with them. they say is ECN. confuse me whole day to check around.
But finally there is another LIVE chat help me to explain.
JORDI. client servicer 20:
she tell me that IBFX is not MM neither ECN. they are dealing desk but not trade hedge client. they do have multiple bank feed.

PROVE: the "client servicer 2" say is ECN.


Allie said...


I saw your comments on InterbankFX and wanted to respond because I am an employee of InterbankFX.

InterbankFX is not a Market Maker or an ECN. We are a FOREX broker with a multi bank liquidity feed. We work with a list of the world’s major banks to provide the best available prices for our clients.

Please note: The NFA’s definition of a dealing desk is a broker who holds client’s trades. We do hold some trades. However, the general public perception of a dealing desk is a broker that sets its prices based on clients open positions. We do not set prices based on client positions and we do not trade against our clients.

I hope this information clarifies your understanding of InterbankFX.

Be well,

cK said...

Thanks, i do check out with the client chat there. they do correct me. but
1) waste my time to check around.
2) i feel the chat have a poor knowledge.