Monday, November 03, 2008

Ebell update

This is the ebll update from 21 oct 08.
As u can see previously i say the TV short short. watch half way will become black screen. And we have to change channel ... and come back baru can continue watch.

Here is the photo of seat.

This still OK. but now i no shiok liao ma. Since they not take a good care of my baby.
wait until my wife See my baby feel difficulty of breath. Then they baru tell: " ur baby SEEMS LIKE ....."

My wife say First I see i was know she feel not well. but U(ebell) are PRO only "SEEMS LIKE".
My wife ask them Y, they ALL dont know Y.

so waste another 2k to stay hospital lo.

There are something have to take care also. Like the wire.

Just hanging like this.

then continue on the floor.

This very danger when there have kids to visit thier mum.

even is danger to the mum(adult) also.

and the staircase have this big hole. what hole i means. is this:

I not really know how big is, but is big enough for a child to fall down.

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