Friday, November 07, 2008

KFC Coupon

I go and order KFC coupon, but the service not as good as i think.
Start i go the KFC outlet and ask. they say dont have, only the bayan baru there have, then i go there. they say the only office have (just road). then they say ... offcie only open at office hour.
then ... Y early outlet call me to come neh... hai~~
nvm lo.

I go the office at office hour lo. then ask them the package lo. but they just show me a few package, abt 10 option.

then i ask for KFC with pizza 1, the guard say only this (cash 10) have with pizza. then i surprise that Y my manager and fre can just give me the KFC with pizza 1.
then i ask for pizza that with KFC lo. then he say only this (cash 10) have.

then i really want to know more abt KFC pizza package. so I ask " have any other package", he say only here sir.
...cincai take 1 lo.(cincai means after filter by my mother in law, and i agreed)

but i ask my manager, he say when he go, the services start was serve him with the KFC and pizza package liao.
* maybe i take thier milo and kopi, so i dont have this package. hehehe

anyone know more abt the KFC coupon ah?

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