Friday, September 12, 2008

Anti trust

Last few day, i learn anti trust from someone whoare fat, but handsome. (hahahahaha)

anti trust which means (as i know) is some moral that have to huge company.
eg. micronsoft .. hehehe. OK dont use real company

another example:
Company ABC is a huge huge company (or monopoly) ,that can easyly influce the market or society.
So this company it may have some free product (Prodcut1) let say. but with condition, u must use product (prdocut 2).

with this condition. it get more customer  for the prodcut (prodcut2). This make other medium/small that sell same type of prodcut (prodcut 2) loss thier customer. In business way, it make company ABC look success. but not all win situation. 

So, the anti trust idea is come out from here. 

----- Or like that,
Company ABC have prodcut  AA & BB. it sell this 2 product in 1 package.
but if u just need product AA and no want BB  Cause u have same type prodcut as BB from company XYZ. and company ABC will change u due to thier marketing.
So u force to use prodcut AA and BB togather due to save cost. 
From here u can see, Prodcut BB from company XYZ willl loss thier customer also. Cause using company XYZ prodcut will make the cost higher. 

This call anit trust.

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