Sunday, September 07, 2008

Our Business

this is a new type business. It work for many country that Citizen not dare or lazy.
eg. I order a kopi, but waiter take me a milo. 
I want to change it, complain or take some feedback to this restoran. will help u in this case.
- complain, where to complain, by email or letter...
- what legal action can we take ....
- feedback on service for some shop, some organization, on some people and so on.
- so on ....

if u just want to change a drink, and the waiter is changed. then the case settle. but How if waiter dont change for u? U want to complain him. Come our site. 

We found that most asia people not like western country. Most of the people know how to do, where to get help, and have know more on their rights?

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