Monday, September 01, 2008

new BT western food

last night go BT and have a fish and chip. RM6. price reasonable. but not worth. if u dont believe u can try, May be our taste diferent.

* but my wife not satisfy also.

And there is a anty very funny, we order 1 cup of Horlick. the price is 13.50RM

She say her boss take this amount. then no pay that amount lah (she want to eat my "car" it's)
after she go and talk to her boss. OK. the price is 1.8
that day, we donate RM X.XX amount ( a small amt only la). then the gal walk walk walk and come back ask, Yi ,u people donate liao?

then we answer yes. the gal smile and we smile also.

* she smile because we dont scold her, she say possible some opoeple will scold her if this case happen.
* we smile is because we not going to donate again. hahahaha

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